What is Switching Mode Power Supply? A switching mode power supply (SMPS) rectifies AC power coming from an external power source to obtain DC power, converts the DC power into AC power by carrying out a switching operation, changes a voltage of the AC power utilizing a transformer, and rectifies and smoothes the transformed AC […]

Thank you for all your interesting and following, now we are honorable to announce the following lucky winners!  10 Winners OF XINCOL LED AC-DC Switching Power Supply: Hopkins Royden Mark, Jade Brookman, Kat Comer, Keith Hunt, Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Gipson, Amy Jo McLellan, Michelle O’Neill, Ruth Harwood,  Lauren Hamilton  3 Winners OF XINCOL 1-AWG Heavy-Duty Copper Wire Jumper Cable 20FT: Livivua Chandler, SUSAN SHAW, Lee Hardy 10 […]


  Nothing guarantees your car won’t be stolen, but you can improve your odds without spending a fortune. There are a variety of car security options available to protect your beloved automobile. There are a variety of car security options available to protect your beloved automobile Steps     1. Try a mechanical immobilizer. These are […]

Recent research has found Chinese are open to paying more to have auto-driving features in their vehicles and the country is expected to become the largest market for autonomous vehicles in 20 years. United States management consulting company Boston Consulting Group reported in January that nearly 40 percent of customers in China are willing to […]

  Know the difference between pure and modified sine wave power inverters? You do now. Contractors today need flexible and mobile power solutions. A strong mobile power source helps to cut cost on the job site. It cuts cost of fuel and maintenance on a generator. It makes it easy to do a simple job […]

PORTABLE FLASH CONFIGURATION IS MADE OF TWO ELEMENTS: A lightweight flash, preferably not an expensive one – I need to move it around a lot, hence light. There are good chances it will take abuse, hence cheap. Independent portable power supply as an alternative to the power grid – Did I mention it was gonna […]

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