XINCOL XCU-1000 Auto Switch Power inverter 1000W DC 12V AC 220V + UPS function

when main power is off,it auto switches on and have AC output, when main power work,auto switches to charge the battery.


XINCOL XCU-1000 Auto Switch Power inverter 1000W DC 12V AC 220V + UPS function
1000 Watts Continuous power – 2000 Watts Surge Capacity (Peak Power)

Features & details

  • A normal DC to AC power inverter with all the functions and basic protections. 
  • Screen display of DC input and AC output 
  • Charging the batteries and keeping them fully charged at all times
  • Sensing when the power has gone out and automatically switching to battery power
  • Converting the power stored in your batteries from “direct current” (DC) into “alternating current” (AC), which runs your AC appliancesModified sine wave, can power most appliances, and the most economical one, if you want pure sine wave, we can also design, please negotiate before purchase.

When you run a AC appliance with battery being hooked with Xincol XCU Auto-switch DC/AC power inverter/charger which also  connects your wall outlet or AC mains power socket, during normal operation, the inverter/charger just passes the electricity coming from your mains power outlet through to the operating appliance though the appliance was plugged directly into the outlet. While it is doing that, it will also automatically charge the batteries and keep them fully charged as long as it continues to receive power from the AC mains power outlet.

When your power goes out, the system will automatically send power from the batteries to the operating appliances.

Inverter/chargers vs. UPS systems

This description of an inverter/charger sounds an awful lot like the description of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which might lead you to wonder, “Why can’t I just install a UPS and be done with it?” Well, it basically boils down to the fact that a UPS is just not designed to do the job.

Although inverter/chargers and UPS systems work in very similar ways and perform similar functions, the battery in a UPS is not large enough to run your appliances for any significant length of time. Most UPS systems are not designed to provide enough power to start a big wattage AC appliances like a sump pump. In addition, UPS systems have very small battery chargers and they are heavy and expensive most of the time. 

An inverter/charger also allows you much more flexibility to decide how much power you need. You can think of it like buying stereo equipment: you can buy the “all in one” model, which is inexpensive and easy to assemble but offers less powerful sound (the UPS), or you can buy individual modular components, which gives you increased flexibility and more powerful sound (the inverter/charger). And if your needs change in the future, you can expand the system without having to start over again.



1000W01 1000W02 1000W03 1000W04

Product Information:

Shell Material                     Alumium   
Wave form:  Pure Sine Wave 
DC Input Voltage                     12V
AC Output Voltage                  220V
Max continuous power             4000W
Peak load power rate               8000W
No load current draw                <0.4A
Input DC voltage range              DC10-15.5V
Output voltage range                AC220V±5%
Outpur frequency range            50±3Hz
Max outer temperature            <65°C
Max power efficiency               >90%
High voltage cut off level       15V+/-0.5V,30V+/-0.5V   
Low voltage alarm level        11V+/-0.5V,21V+/-0.5V 
Low voltage cut off level            10V+/-0.3V,20V+/-0.3V 
THD                                       ≤5%
Cooling                                   Natural 
Overload Protection                  YES
Shortcircuit Protection              YES
Overload Protection                  YES
Overheated Protection              YES
Product G.W.                         6.7kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)               410*170*117mm    

Package included:

  • 1 x Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 
  • 1 x Bold battery Clip Cable
  • 1 x Chinese / English user manual

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